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Best friend: Mike
Worst friend: dk
Happiest friend: Allie
Saddest friend: used to be Bri but now, Breezy
Funniest friend: Breezy
Most serious friend: Kayla
Most conservative friend: dk
Most rebellious friend: probably Breezy, bc she would do anything she just doesnt know what to do
Girliest friend: Bri & Callie
Tom-boyish-ist friend:
Hyperist friend: Alex & Chelsea
Most laid-back friend: dk
Craziest friend: dk we're all crazy
Calmest friend: dk
Tallest friend: Karen
Shortest friend: Bri M or Callie
Most flirtatious friend: CALLIE!
Prettiest friend: dk they are all pretty
Most popular friend: Bri v
Most free-spirited friend: Allie
Most out-spoken friend: well Bri v, she is outspoken as me
Loudest friend: Breezy
Most opinionated friend: Breezy prolly


Have you ever had sex (nope)
smoked (no)
drunk (heck yes)
made yourself throw-up (no)
lied to a close friend (yeah..)
had dirty thoughts (lol yesh!)
kept a dark secret from even your bestest friends (not really?)
had a friend that was hurting themself and kept quiet (no)
snuck out at night (yeah)
ran away (no)
sworn at your parents (yeah)
broken into a house (no)

Funny Questions
tanned on a roof (no but ive been on a roof at night!) lol Kayal Sarah & Hannah!
laughed so hard you cried (yes)
made pop come out of your nose (no)
gone sledding in your underwear (nope)
had a conversation with your pet (yeah)
made out with a stuffed animal (no)
gone skinny dipping (yes)
kissed a horse (nope)

Guy Questions, and NO relatives count!!
been asked out (yes)
danced with a guy (yes)
cried over a guy (yes)
hugged a guy (yes)
kissed a guy (yes)
slept with a guy (not in a sex way, but in the same bed yes
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